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Giving Tuesday
It’s not just for today. It’s for our future. 

When you support Learning Together on Giving Tuesday, you support Annabel.

Annabel WhistlerAnnabel came to Learning Together in August 2016 when she was unable to walk at 18 months old. Annabel has generalized hypotonia, which means she has decreased muscle tone throughout her body, causing her to lag behind in acquiring certain fine and gross motor developmental milestones.

Through the focused and specialized education at Learning Together, with the help of her medical therapies, and alongside her typically developing peers, Annabel has come a long way. At almost 3 years old, she is now walking up the playset stairs and going down the slide at recess all on her own; sitting on a big girl chair at the table; and is climbing over obstacles, both literally on the playground as she becomes stronger and more confident in her abilities, and figuratively as she navigates her way through the world.


Help Give The Gift of Education and #FundOurFuture on November 28thdonate circle
Each year, Learning Together helps children with and without disabilities overcome challenges, reach their goals, and prepare for success in kindergarten and beyond.

But our children need champions. They need YOU. Your support matters because it supplies the paint brushes and glue sticks that little hands use to make masterpieces. Your support provides the therapy that makes big dreams like first steps or first words possible. It serves up two nutritious meals and healthy snacks every school day. All year long.

Your support matters because it makes a BIG difference in the life of a SMALL child who needs it. The child may live in poverty. The child may have a disability. But no matter their circumstance, all of our children have potential that, together, we can help them reach.

This Giving Tuesday we hope you’ll invest in the future of the extraordinary children we serve by making a tax-deductible gift to Learning Together.