Learning Together Wish List

In-kind donations are always welcome at Learning Together! If you are looking for ideas of items that the programs may need, please feel free to use this list as a guideline.

All in-kind donations should fill out our In-Kind Donation Form that you can download here.


2017 - 2018 Wishlist Items


Baby wipes*
Clorox wipes*
Children’s scissors
Children's washable paint (assorted colors)
Velcro (regular and extra-strength)
Masking tape
Scotch tape
Thumb tacks
Paper clips (assorted sizes)
Push pins
Glue (gallon size)
Hot glue guns & glue sticks
Card stock paper (assorted colors)
Batteries (AA, AAA, C, & D)
Hand soap (gallon size; milk protein and honey or aloe)
Tissue boxes
Scissors (adult)
Craft sticks (narrow & wide)
Sharpie markers (fine point; assorted colors & black)
Zip lock bags (gallon and quart sizes)
Paper towels
Cocoa Butter lotion

*constant need

Gently used electronics (digital cameras, CD players, etc)
Play-Doh & Modeling clay
Foam stickers
Do-a-Dot/Bingo markers
Building blocks
Pipe cleaners
Ink pads & stamps
Googley eyes
Clothes pins
Popsicle sticks
Outdoor play toys (balls, sand toys, etc)
Cuisenaire rods
Hole punchers
Turkey basters (for water table and art projects)
Sensory table objects (sponges, corks, ping pong balls, etc...)
Wood scraps
Adult instruments (guitars, auto-harp, keyboard, etc...)
Child-sized garden tools