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Engaging families beyond the classroom strengthens their ability to advocate for their children, themselves, and our community.

Foundations For Success

Our program supports families in meeting their basic needs, ensuring students are prepared to learn. Utilizing an evidence-based approach, we acknowledge families' cultural and racial identities and guide caregivers to set their own success goals. We will achieve this by collaborating with Learning Together families and the broader community.

Families are not required to be enrolled at Learning Together to receive help! 

Our Family Advocacy program supports anyone in the community at no cost without the stipulation of applying or being enrolled in our other services.

We recognize parents are a child’s first and most important teacher, and our vision for the program is to empower families with the skills and resources needed to advocate for their children and themselves. Participants in the program experience four main stages:

Group 36

Family Involvement

Receives information about available services and interest in participation

Family Participation

Caregivers attend select school and community events, sign up to volunteer, and engages with teachers, staff, and other parents about their child’s development.

Family Engagement

Families take the lead in building genuine relationships to help their children grow and thrive. Interactions occur regularly with support systems in their school and community. Engagement means doing with, not for families.

Family Leadership

It occurs when families have the knowledge, skills, and opportunities to represent a “parent voice” to shape their communities, programs, and policies at the local and state level. Caregivers speak from their own perspective, not for an agency or other entity.

Our students and families become future leaders. 

Family engagement is a powerful strategy for sustainable long-term student and overall community success. Investing in families helps break the cycle of intergenerational poverty, reduce achievement gaps, and create a more equitable and prosperous future by unlocking every child’s full potential

Our Family Advocacy Team is committed to working on systems-level advocacy to help stabilize the childcare industry and ensure more underserved families have access to high-quality early childhood education. Working with families and policymakers will drive new program enhancements and help scale up resources to support family and community engagement across NC.

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