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We champion equity through education so that diversity, accessibility, and inclusion become cornerstones of our collective future.


Children learn best through play, and inclusive early childhood education significantly improves all students' developmental and academic outcomes. Our inclusive education model builds skills and strengths around diversity, social-emotional growth, and adaptability to differentiated learning styles. At Learning Together, students with and without disabilities from diverse ethnic, racial, and socio-economic backgrounds play, learn, and grow together.

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Every child should have access to learning environments that encourage exploration, independence, and creativity. Our “Classrooms of the Future” are equipped with adaptive furniture, therapeutic equipment, and learning materials that meet every child where they are in their learning journey. Teachers use evidence-based curricula that evolve and stretch to fit the educational needs of each child. Learning Together is also committed to investments in professional development to retain a workforce that is passionate about creating a safe and inclusive culture, learning environment, and workplace. Because our teachers are our most important resource, we will always re-invest in them by providing equitable wages and benefits.


Our advocacy work seeks to create a community of resources to support families and influence systemic change in early childhood education (ECE) and the ECE-adjacent systems. We provide families with the training and resources needed to support and advocate for their child’s/children’s educational journey. We continually develop community partnerships, programs, and policies that will support families at Learning Together and in the early childhood education space.

Our systems change work prioritizes families' lived experiences. We seek to create changes in the system that elevate the voices of families with children in ECE programs, increase participation of children at age three, and advance educational equity for all children, regardless of their ability, socio-economic status, or race.

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