Super-Inclusive Education

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There is a problem in education.

Inequalities in education have significantly contributed to the inequitable outcomes of educationally disadvantaged children, those with disabilities, different racial/ethnic backgrounds, and socio-economic statuses.

Addressing racial inequities in early childhood education is critical to creating an anti-racist, inclusive America.

Inequitable early childhood education experiences often funnel students into a lifetime of educational trauma from suspensions, expulsions, corporal punishment, and negative interactions with teachers.

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Teacher bias plays a part.

Teachers often perceive children’s behaviors differently based on race, biases against Black children create negative behavioral expectations, and Black children routinely are excluded from general education settings through the special education system.

Minority students, who also have disabilities, are less likely to spend their day in general education settings, and more likely to be placed in segregated special education classrooms.

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Educational inequalities last a lifetime.

Inequitable treatment due to ability and race often results in lower academic expectations, lack of access to the general curriculum, and exclusion from inclusive methods of instruction that have been proven successful.

These early inequities in special education placements can have lifelong impacts as children in the special education system are less likely to leave that system, and minority students often graduate from high school with an alternative certificate as opposed to general education diplomas received by many of their white peers. SIE is strategically designed to break these systemic biases and close existing opportunity gaps.

How is Learning Together addressing these challenges?

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Super-Inclusive Education is the key.

Super-Inclusive Education (SIE) as Inclusive Education with a hyper focus on social and emotional development designed to address systemic biases impacting children with educational disadvantages. SIE celebrates differences and delivers a truly authentic, Inclusive Education learning experience.

Learning Together has always been at the forefront of Inclusive Education advocacy.

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Our commitment to educating the next generation.

Super-Inclusive Education is not a new form of Inclusive Education, it is simply Learning’s Together commitment to applying a hyper-focus to the social and emotional development of the children we serve.

Our SIE methods mandate that we expand access to equal and equitable high-quality Early Childhood Education to all children starting at 18-months of age. SIE is intentional and will demand equity at every level, by every person engaged in the delivery of education.

Learning Together believes that our Super-Inclusive Education mantra will be a catalyst for equity in education, in our community and the world.

Together we can counteract the barriers that cause educational inequality to help all children reach their full potential.