Learning Together, A Super-Inclusive Developmental Day Center

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There is a problem in education

Inequalities in education have significantly contributed to the inequitable outcomes of children with disabilities, those from different racial/ethnic backgrounds, and those from different socio-economic statuses.

Inequitable early childhood education experiences often funnel students into a lifetime of educational trauma from suspensions, expulsions, corporal punishment, and negative interactions with teachers.

How is Learning Together addressing these challenges?

child on playground

Creating a Super-Inclusive Environment is Key

Learning Together’s super-inclusive environment aims to reduce inequities in early childhood education by addressing several contributing factors including issues stemming from race, socio-economic status, and disabilities. 

We offer a truly holistic model that prepares a child for kindergarten by teaching academics as well as social-emotional skills; working directly with families to provide support and resources; ensuring teachers have the best tools and knowledge through continuous professional development; and engaging with the community to raise awareness of inequities in early childhood education and inspire collaboration to foster change.

Our super-inclusive programming begins with our inclusive classroom setting where typically-developing children learn side-by-side with children with developmental delays; children from private pay families learn alongside children receiving subsidies; and children from all races and ethnicities learn together. 

Super-inclusive programming continues with incorporating social-emotional development curriculum alongside our academic curriculum. In order to further the success of our students, we provide them with the skills to improve their interpersonal relationships, manage their emotions, and learn self-regulating behavior. 

The final piece of our super-inclusive programming is a focus on engagement with families and the broader community. We understand that the success of our students depends not only on their abilities, but on the engagement of the adults in their lives and the support and understanding of the community as a whole.

Learning Together’s super-inclusive environment celebrates differences and delivers a truly authentic, inclusive learning experience.

Addressing inequities in early childhood education is critical to creating an anti-racist, anti-ableist, truly inclusive America.

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Our commitment to educating the next generation

Learning Together has always been at the forefront of Inclusive Education advocacy. 

Our super-inclusive methods mandate that we expand access to equal and equitable high-quality Early Childhood Education to all children starting at 18-months of age. Our program is intentional and will demand equity at every level, by every person engaged in the delivery of education. 

Learning Together believes that our super-inclusive mantra will be a catalyst for equity in education, in our community and the world.

Together we can remove the barriers that cause educational inequality to help all children reach their full potential.